Professional sports teams and leading practitioners choose Omax3.

The Omax3® Difference

Over 8,000 clinical studies conducted by doctors and scientists around the world tout the amazing health benefits of omega-3s. But not all omega-3 supplements are created equal. Omax3 is an ultra-pure, and exceptionally concentrated, omega-3 supplement with 3:1 ratio of EPA to DHA.


Fish oil contains omega-3s, but how much your patients' are getting in each supplement can vary dramatically.

To determine the actual omega-3 content in your fish oil supplement, read the label and look for the total omega-3 content in each softgel.

The top selling fish oil supplements contain only 30% of omega-3 content in each softgel.* Omax3 Ultra-Pure is exceptionally concentrated with 90% EPA and DHA. That means you get therapeutic results that you can feel.

Omax3 Ultra-Pure Omega-3

93.9% Omega-3


Leading Omega-3 Supplement

30% Omega-3

Omax3® is the Clear Choice

How pure is Omax3 compared to the top-selling fish oil supplements? Take The Freezer Test Challenge and see the cold hard proof for yourself.

Put any store-bought omega-3 supplement in the freezer alongside an Omax3 softgel. 24 hours later, you’ll see the top-selling fish oil supplements turn white and cloudy, showing they're filled with other, non-omega content.*

Omax3 remains clear because it's 93.9% pure omega-3 content.

How we do it
Sourced from the best

Omax3 is derived from the richest source of omega-3 in the world: premium-quality, wild-caught anchovies and sardines, harvested off the coast of Peru. Omax3 is certified by Friends of the Sea, which ensures our fisheries follow strict, and sustainable marine practices.

Pressed and distilled

Using a state-of-the-art process, the omega-3 oils are double-molecular distilled and cold-pressed for exceptional purity, removing unsafe levels of saturated fats, impurities and toxins.

Third party tested

Omax3 conforms to the highest standards of manufacturing for the dietary supplement industry. NSF verifies the identity and quantity of ingredients on the label, and each batch obtains two certificates of analysis to ensure purity and concentration.

Packed for freshness

Each Omax3 softgel is individually packed in a seal-tight blister pack, so it doesn’t oxidize and remains fresh. By protecting each softgel, there is no fishy smell or taste.

Your patients will see results with Omax3