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Revolutionary Approach, Backed by Science.

For over a decade our products have been used by elite athletes and recommended by doctors due to their pure, clinically tested formulas.

Top Selling Product

CryoFreeze Pain Relief Roll-On

CryoFreeze® Regular Strength Hemp CBD Roll-On
  • Icy Cold Pain Relief

    CryoFreeze powers past the pain with 10 pain relieving ingredients including Menthol & Broad Spectrum CBD

  • 3 Different Strengths

    Choose from Regular or Extra Strength CBD formulas, or CryoFreeze Sport without CBD.

Why Doctors Love Us

At age 74, my joints ached. I found Omax3 essential in keeping my body limber and pain free. It also supports my brain, keeping me sharp and focused. It is my secret weapon to defying my age as I just completed my 5th Iron Man in Hawaii and have never felt better!

Dr. Joseph Maroon

Neurosurgeon, Sports Medicine Expert, Athlete